Testimonials from friends old and new

We are relatively new on the scene and we requested the support of a few friends/customers who have used our automotive service over previous years. These are their verbatim statements.

USS Ninja was fast on the scene and recommended by a good friend who imports from their parent company. The car has only just been bought and Akira asked me to write something. Well so far so good. USS Ninja is everything they say and these guys are very supportive.

Jackson M
BC Canada

I have known Graeme and Akira for about 5 years and have the utmost respect for their work ethics plus how they balance work vs health and family.

Both men work their tails of on a daily basis bring the best to all customers and others who they associate with on a daily basis.

Garry Murdoch
Better English.Co Japan

My company has used the services of Ninja workshop here in Japan for a number of years. We have our cars check there before export. Good price for us and good people.

Satoshi Hatano
Happy Export Company

Congrats to the team at Ninja for starting this very cool website. We are most pleased to use it as we receive full access to USS Ninja car auction.

Our company demands perfection with perfectly translated auction sheets and information delivered on time every day due to different time zones. Tomoko and James get this done everytime for us.

We will continue to use Ninja as there is really nothing else as good or efficient that comes close to offering the data and support that these people do.

Dr Klaus Martin
Importer from Germany
Ninja for the best cars in Japan