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USS Ninja Car Auctions

Tell us all about USS Ninja and Importing Cars from Japan!

USS Ninja car auctions are simply the largest car auction group in Japan. If you are interested in cars from Japan you need USS auction access as without it you are missing 60% of all cars going through the auction system here in Japan.

USS has over 50,000 cars to show weekly. These cars are not static like on dealer car yards. They constantly change and you will see new cars daily. You can’t see these cars without Ninja-USS Car Auctions a division of USS Auto Auction Group.

Professional and exclusive service.

To belong to USS is quite difficult and you must be a paid-up member of their professional car auction service. Without this, it’s impossible to view the auction houses and the cars that we need to see. We provide this for you and more. There are limited spaces available so be fast.

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NOTICE: We are currently only accepting Ninja applications from clients who wish to use our service as Auction Agents. Ninja is 100% FREE if you use us as your Auction Agent. If you are not prepared to use our service please do not apply below.

50,000 + Cars

With over 50,000 cars on display weekly, it makes perfect sense to use Ninja as your direct access to all these cars and more via our USS Ninja un-official website.

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Other Car Auctions

Yes USS Japan is not the only auction group in Japan. Join our other website and see additional auctions like JU Group, Mirive, Orix, Zero, and many more.

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Affordable Options

Our USS – Ninja service is free. Simply use us as your Auction Agent here in Japan and Ninja Car Auction is 100% free for you while you are buying with us.

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See more car pictures before you buy

One of the best services that USS Ninja offers is that you can see more pictures of the car before you buy. Unlike other websites that only show 2 or 3 car pictures, Ninja will show 6 to 20 depending upon the car and how determined the car vendor is to sell their car.

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Cars for sale in Japan

Faster than a speeding Ferrari

Are you relying on your auction agent to send you car pictures every day? If so stop doing so. USS Ninja is fast and you can see the cars as they are physically uploaded to the official website. There is no waiting and you get to decide which cars you want to look at and not your agent. It’s a winning formula.

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