Often Asked
Can I get a refund?

If you have used the service you have effectively used it. We do not refund unused days. You pay monthly so simply cancel the following months payment.

How to buy cars?

We provide you with access to the auctions. Once you see vehicle of your liking simply send us the auction number, car make and model and we will translate the car for you. From that translation you can decide your bid price and we will bid accordingly on your behalf.

Why do I have to pay for this Ninja service?

Buying cars from Japan is fun and so is selling cars as an Auction Agent. However its not cheap being an auction agent and we have to pay many fees every time we buy a car on behalf of our clients. Ninja also comes at considerable cost to us. If you are not buying cars using our service we are effectively paying for you to search our system and buy elswhere or not buy at all. This is why we will refund you if you buy cars using our auction agent service.

Can I have Ninja but use another auction agent?

Yes you are welcome to use another auction agent but you will be required to pay a monthly fee for using our Ninja service as we must pay USS for this service. If you buy a car using our Agent Service you do not need to pay a monthly fee.

So use us to buy your cars and save

Who owns USS Ninja

USS Ninja is a paid service provided by USS group Japan. It’s an exclusive service for dealer members to showcase USS stock inventory to overseas clients. The name we use is not Trademarked or Copyright and we are simply marketing the service which benefits USS, and you the buyer. We are authorized USS members offering an authorized service provided by USS Japan

I want to bid myself like I do on Amazon

Bidding on cars in Japan is not that easy. Firstly car auctions move very here with vehicles being auctioned every 20 seconds or so. We also have to use specialized bidding equipment or a USB key. There is little room for error and a skilled hand is required. Bidding is also done in Yen which compounds the confusion not to mention time differences. If anyone tells you that you are actually bidding you need to find another agent as what you are hearing is incorrect.

As a dealer do I get a discount on Ninja?.

Ninja is the same fee for dealers and private buyers as it is not based on volume buying and is simply used to navigate the available USS inventroy.

If you are a dealer who buys multiple units we will discount our fees accordingly. Please see our fee page for information..

Can I get a discount buying in bulk?

Any discount is based on volume being purchased over a monthly basis. Please see our fee page for agent fee discount on bulk purchases.

What benifit does Ninja give or provide to me as a dealer?

With Ninja, you get to stay 1 step ahead of the competition who is not using it. You get more photos 6 – 20 per car, faster uploading of cars to the internet. See more cars on a daily basis and also occasional videos.

With all this information coming to you quickly you can post to Facebook or Twitter and other social media services in lightning-fast Ninja time and get potential clients excited early.

Ninja vs the other online auction portals
Why should I pay for Ninja when these other portals show the cars as well?

These other portals are very important and should never be overlooked as they still display about 40% of all cars going through the auction system here in Japan. However the USS stock they show is exceptionally limited as USS is encrypting their data so that it cant be scaped (data mined) USS wants its users to pay for everything and hence why we have to use Ninja.

These other portals are great so continue to use them in unison with Ninja. We recommend https://japautoauctions.com/

My current Agent sends me cars every day so why do I need Ninja?

This is an old one but a good one for sure. Yes, your agent sends you cars everyday. But guess what he/she is only sending you the cars that you have given them basic instruction on what to filter. He or she will not think outside the box and send you something that may be significantly advantageous for you to look at. They simply don’t have time to do so as they are sending the same cars they sent to you to your competition in the next town and everyone else around the world.

Search for yourself and you will be rewarded with better cars and won’t be fighting your guy down the road over prices and pushing each other up at auction so often.

Having anyone look for your cars is lazy and far from efficient overall. Search yourself and search smarter. I am a professional auction agent and this is factual.

What is USS anyway?

USS is the largest auto auction company in Japan. They have a stronghold on the car auctions here in Japan and are basically 60% plus of this auction industry. If you have bought cars from Japan more than likely your auction agent used USS at some point.

What portal do you recommend to see more cars in Japan?

To see all the other auctions please go directly to https://japautoauctions.com/

Social media value
I use social media as my blog. How can I incorporate Ninja into this?

Our current portals are very server heavy and demand many processes to keep them running efficiently and this is why you will often only see 2 or 4 pictures that are grainy and poor quality.

Ninja is based using Amazon as its cloud server. Its lightning fast and they can afford to have multiple good quality vehicle photos uploaded for users to view. You can have these car/truck or photos up on your favorite social media platform before others.

About Using Ninja and auction
Do you need a deposit before bidding on a car?

If we bid and buy a car on your behalf our account is debited by the auction that very same day and we have effectively paid for your car. Obviously we are dealing in many thousands of dollars every day on clients behalf so we require a one time deposit to bid for you.

Don’t worry the deposit amount is far less than the car costs us to buy, but the risk must be shared.

I am buying on behalf of my client who is paying for the car

This is very ok and you can have your mom pay for the car if you want. We dont care as long as the funds arrive on time.

If you are buying on behalf of someone else you need to make them aware of payment terms and also instruct us what’s going on.

Our agreement is with you if you. If your client does not pay we require you to pay as you are the point of contact.

Can I see the car being auctioned and increase my bid price if possible?

We have about 20 seconds in which time we need to concentrate on bidding and not phone calls. Its a very noisy time and relaying information to clients within 20 seconds is honestly close to impossible.

Can I come to your office

We are not currently accepting visits due to the virus (covid19) issues.

How can I pay for Ninja?

You car start your Ninja service via this page https://uss-ninja.com/join-ninja/

Once we have your details we will set you up with Paypal access for your new Ninja payment.

Ninja is a monthly fee that is set up via automatic payments on Paypal. Once set up it will run continuously until you direct it to stop. If you opt to stop it your Ninja access will be revoked at the same time.

Can I try Ninja before I buy?

We do not have a system for this at this time. However if you sign up and cancel within the first 7 days we will refund your first payment, so effectively yes you can try before you buy.