Agent Fees

Agent fees and prices for buying cars

Anyone planning to buy cars from Japan will need to secure the service of a qualified auction agent. There are many out there and confusion will reign supreme.

We have been buying cars for many years now and also buy for other auction agents here in Japan. Our staff has vast experience when it comes to buying cars at all vehicle auctions throughout Japan.

Fees are based on some basic principles and change from agent to agent so be aware what your getting yourself into.

  • Volume. How many cars will you buy per month
  • Auction Location. Sometimes distance will impact the fee
  • Your initial agreement. Yes sometimes a small negotiation may help but on special occasions
Auction Agent Fees

Agent fees appear to be expensive

Often we are told that the agent fee is too expensive and if we discount it the client can buy more cars. The reality is the auction agent often makes the smallest margin of profit from an actual agent fee.

There are many things we need to pay when buying any single car from auction and the auction house will not discount their fee to us no matter how many cars we buy on the day.

Any auction agent in Japan must pay the following fees when buying a car for a client. All costs are quoted in JPY yen.

  • Car cost
  • Auction fee ( 16,000 to 40,000 )
  • Tax at 10% ( this comes back but not for 6 months ) so effectively we have made zero for 6 months from one car
  • Recycle ( changes from car to car )
  • De-registration ( varies from car to car )
  • Courier fees ( up to 6,000 )
  • Administration ( every company is different, but people must be paid )
  • Transport ( your car need to be moved from the auction. This can be 20,000 upwards )
  • Negotiate ( sometimes we need to negotiate and this is an additional fee )

As you can see it all soon starts to add up and there is little left at the end, but it’s fun and we love to buy cars.

Fee Structure & what suits your buying profile

Standard Agent Fee1 to 2 cars per month105,000 JPY per unit
Regular Agent Fee3 to 5 cars per month95,000 JPY per unit
Premium Agent Fee5 to 8 cars per month85,000 JPY per unit
Business Agent Fee8 to 11 cars per month75,000 JPY per unit
Executive Agent Fee11 to 15 cars per month65,000 JPY per unit
First Class Agent Fee15 + cars per monthPlease contact us
All fees include all costs incurred above. Additional transport may be charged depending on the auction. Please ask. Fees will not be discounted until you reach the required amount and will be credited in the following month accordingly. The fees quoted are based on cars valued at 1.0 million JPY max. Any car over 1.0 million is subject to additional fees. Port service charges and storage are the buyer’s responsibility.

We will support you

With our first-class Ninja support, we will help you all the way. Even if you have a question that’s a little on the tough side simply pop us an email or message us here. We are also on Whatsapp at +819054006384