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Ninja Pricing

Ninja Pricing & How Much Is It?

NOTICE: We are only accepting Ninja applications from clients who wish to use our service as Auction Agents. Ninja is 100% FREE if you use us as your Auction Agent. If you are not prepared to use our service please do not apply. Auction TOURISTS need not apply.

Like all good things, Ninja comes with conditions. Due to the complexity of the service, we must pay USS for access to Ninja and the services that USS offer. We will allow access to approved buyers who meet the following criteria.

What we have done is spread this fee across our customer base so effectively it’s far less painless financially than one may first presume.

When using USS Ninja, you receive access to all USS cars at around 50,000 per week and all auction houses within USS Auto Auctions. Obviously, you are here to buy cars from Japan so we have made using our UN-official USS Ninja access even better for you. Read on!

Get Free Ninja

Yes, you are here to buy cars and that’s why you need Ninja. If you buy cars using our auction agent service we will reward you with Free Ninja. Simply buy 1 + cars per year using our auction agent service and Ninja is free. Your access is active as long as you are buying. You will be required to pay a deposit before bidding.

If you want to use another agent but use our Ninja please DO NOT APPLY. It’s a no-brainer. Our fees are reasonable and we cover all vehicle auctions in Japan so use us as your auction agent.

No Catches

It’s that simple. All you need to do is buy 1 car Plus in a year using our Auction Agent service during any year and we will provide you with USS Ninja

Maybe you have loyalties to another Auction Agent? No problem we won’t tell them 🙂 Check out our attractive agent fee structure here and get started.

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